Announce election date immediately: Chairman Oli


Kathmandu, Dec 8: CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli has demanded that the government immediately announce the dates of different elections to end the transition.

At a programme organized at party head office on Thursday, Chairman Oli said, “Once the governments are formed in the central, provincial and local level, the transition would come to an end. So, government needs to concentrate on holding election in time. Reversely, the government was ignoring bringing laws relating to elections.”

Moreover, Chairman Oli argued that the present efforts to redraw the boundary of province were illegitimate. He accused the ruling parties of registering bill of constitution amendment against the views of concerned people relating to the removal of some districts from province no 5. The present bill would not integrate but jeopardize hill –Madhes relations.

The government, as he said, was sloganeering of fake nationalism.
On the occasion, Secretary Pradip Gyawali accused the government of putting national independence at risk and pushing country towards a dark future. The UML is on a campaign of national building and unity, he added.

During the programme, as many as 92 leaders including five central members of Federal Socialist Forum were welcomed into the party.

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