Monkey menace displaces scores in Bhojpur


BHOJPUR, May 21: Menace of monkeys has become the main reason behind the displacement of scores of families in this eastern hill district.
There are only a few farmers left at Lekgaun of Bastim VDC-3 as most of the families have already moved to Morang. “You have no idea how the monkeys in our village left us helpless for years. Unable to bear the nuisance, I was left with no choice but to leave my lands barren and move here,” said Mahendra Pandey of Bastim VDC, who is now living in Morang.
Along with Karki, other locals like Gumansingh Karki, Tek Bahadur Karki, Gopal Sarki and scores of other residents of Lekgaun have already moved elsewhere. Swathes of lands in the village have been left barren as human presence has turned into a rare sight here.
Dozens of families residing in Aamtep VDC located near Bhojpur district headquarters have already shifted to different places due to similar problem.
“I was left with nothing, after the monkeys stormed by farm and devoured every single stalk of crop I had grown. I had to bear a huge loss and finally decided to move out in search of livelihood,” complained Ganesh Bahadur Shrestha of Aamtep VDC-1. Leaving his 30 ropanies of land barren, Shrestha and his families are living in Taksar VDC now.
Displaced by the monkey attacks, Bhim Bahadur BK and Chamrani Rai of the same VDC have already shifted to Dharan. Corn, wheat, and paddy are the major plantations of the villages infested with monkeys.
“I have been enduring these attacks and huge financial loss for the last five years. I had to move elsewhere,” said Shrestha.
Meanwhile, Shrestha shared that the problem had risen due to lack of manpower needed to chase away the monkeys.
“Almost all the youths have left the village to Kathmandu and abroad for education and work. Only the elderly people and women are left behind, and they just can’t ward off this monkey treat once and for all,” said Shrestha.
“Chasing away the monkey has turned into a huge challenge for us as they seem to come back even after we try to scare them away with firearms and beating of drums,” added Shrestha.

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